VIDEO DEL MES DE MARZO 2018: Breitling Jet Team 360-degree video flying over San Francisco


The largest civilian aerobatics team flying on jets, the Breitling Jet Team flies high the banner of the brand with the winged B. Each of the aerobatics appearances of this …

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VIDEO DEL MES DE FEBRERO 2018: Catching Kirby Chambliss in Texas



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VIDEO DEL MES DE ENERO 2018: Multinational Fighter Jets Train At U.S. Air Force Base


  Red Flag training at Nellis Air Force Base makes (Top-Gun) aerial combat fighters out of many nations fighter aircraft pilots and ground crews. Here is footage from jet fighters …

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VIDEO DEL MES DE DICIEMBRE 2017: Juan Velarde Temporada 2017 Red Bull Air Race


Os presentamos un resumen de las 8 carreras de la Temporada 2017. Gracias a todos los que han hecho posible este año y a las espectaculares imágenes.  

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VIDEO DEL MES DE NOVIEMBRE 2017: Thunderbirds de la USAF



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VIDEO DEL MES DE OCTUBRE 2017: No le Busques Tres Pies…


El Ala 12 tiene encomendadas básicamente dos tipos de misión. La primera es proporcionar aviones y tripulaciones para cubrir el Servicio de Alarma (QRA). Este servicio, que está operativo las …

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VIDEO DEL MES DE SEPTIEMBRE 2017: Female pilots fly Emirates A380


Watch Captain Nevin Darwish from Egypt and First Officer Alia Al Muhairi from the UAE fly the iconic Emirates Airbus A380 from Dubai to Vienna for International Women’s Day. Captain …

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VIDEO DEL MES DE AGOSTO 2017: The History Of Airbus



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VIDEO DEL MES DE JULIO 2017: Airbus Family Flight


In a ground-breaking first, Airbus flies its A350 XWB, A400M, Eurofighter Typhoon and H160 together in a one-of-a-kind performance. This aeronautical achievement symbolizes the new united Airbus family. More than …

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VIDEO DEL MES DE JUNIO 2017: Farnborough Airshow 2016-A380 flight demo in 360 degrees


This video puts you in the cockpit for one the A380’s high-profile flight demonstrations at the Farnborough International Airshow. Users with gyroscope-equipped mobile devices are provided an enhanced experience, able …

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