VIDEO DEL MES DE MARZO 2018: Breitling Jet Team 360-degree video flying over San Francisco

The largest civilian aerobatics team flying on jets, the Breitling Jet Team flies high the banner of the brand with the winged B. Each of the aerobatics appearances of this unique squad is a breathtaking sight. A perfectly synchronized choreography in which planes fly within 3 meters (10 ft) of each other, at speeds of almost 700 km/h (approx. 435 mph) and with up to 8G accelerations. The Breitling Jet Team is made up of seven extremely fast and powerful L-39C Albatros military training jets. The pilots are all highly experienced professionals, most of them from the French air force or from the Patrouille de France. Watch the 360-degree video for an ultimate flight experience above San Francisco with the Breitling Jet Team!